About us

The Agency was registered in 2003 as a family business. We are trying to work by the standards that are fair, professional and that are valid for one-ordered society. We accept and implement all the positive experiences of other agencies and companies dealing with real estate and cooperate with them in order to create conditions and to improve the operation of the market real estate.
We are a member and one of the founders of the "CLUSTER PROPERTY" that was established with the support of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia (www.klasternekretnine.gov.rs www.klasternekretnine.com) Group and intermediaries in real estate Serbia in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce chaired since its inception in 2011. With great efforts and sacrifices we helped the adoption of the law on traffic and leased properties and thus show that the job we do, we want to be to a higher level.

PROFITIM mediates in the purchase, sale, lease, or exchange of property between the buyer, or the party which claims the property, and sellers thet party alienates the property.

The Agency will carry out actions aimed at presentation of the property market to the contact between the seller and the buyer, that is performed brokerage services. It is considered that the agency had completed basic mediation services when possible relationship between the seller and the buyer or lead buyer to visit the property or organized a meeting between the seller and the buyer for the negotiations for the conclusion of the sales contract.

Our agency carries the name of Profitim and that means the maximum professional service with full legal security, a fast and satisfactory sale and purchase of real estate. We will not say that we are the best , we let the results speak for us!

Founders name Tamara Boric
Business name PROFITIM
activity 6831 – the activity of real estate agencies
Headquarters Boulevard Mihaila Pupina 9, New Belgrade
Identification number 56076590
PIB 103086495
Date of registration 06.11.2003.
Resolution II-313-6314/2003 06.11.2003.
Register of business entities Broj BP 42808/06
Registered in Register /MTT/.. Broj 002 /09.5.2015./
Web adress www.profitim.com

E-mail office@profitim.com