Sellers of real estate

Do you sell your house, apartment or land? Or maybe you want a property to rent? Save time, worry, nerves and sell their property to us - Profitim Real Estate Agency. Many people who were in your situation, have given us confidence, and we hope that you will you be one of our satisfied customers.

For property owners or sellers Profitim Real Estate provides the following:

  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • viewing and photographing the property
  • presentation of your property on the website of the agency, as well as the leading real estate portals in Serbia and abroad, with detailed descriptions and photographs
  • seek as soon as possible to find a buyer for your property, with which they can negotiate the sale of the same, and to conclude a purchase contract
  • to review the documentation and to draw attention to the obvious drawbacks, and advise how to put in order the documentation Property
  • get to know you as a vendor with all legal obligations